I was born in the Czech Republic. A small European country squeezed in between Germany and Poland. (As it turns out, not many people can place it on a map.) So I am Czech by nationality. Yes, I have heard too many “czech you out” jokes and yes, I refuse to call my country by its new name “Czechia”.

At the age of 19, I moved to London to follow my then-dream of living in the UK. I studied for four years earning two degrees in Media and Film. Got a job in the industry, had a career all lined up. Just like you’re supposed to.

Then Brexit happened. And even though I tell everyone (including myself) it had nothing to do with my decision to leave London, it at least forced me to re-evaluate my life. My job was actually quite cool and I didn’t hate it, but there’s something really tedious about the London work routine. Long hours, unbearable commute, the constant need to rush everywhere… I personally don’t think anyone can do it for long if they want to stay sane. Suddenly I felt stuck. I thought to myself: “Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like? Monday to Friday, 9-6, work work work. When will I get to travel the world?” Not during my lousy 20 days of holiday a year, that’s for sure.

So I quit. I left London before I started hating it too much. After all, I had other dreams to chase. See the world, try the digital nomad thing, make my own little films. If not now, then when?


Here I am, exploring exotic countries I always dreamed about and hoping to inspire others to take a leap of faith and follow their passions. Do you want to see the world? Just go. You’ll figure out the rest as you go.

I don’t have it all figured out, either. I’ve got savings and ideas and some work arranged, but mostly, I’ll just go and see where life takes me.

One thing I know for sure. I don’t want to live in a box anymore. Despite what society wants you to believe, there are other ways to live than sit comfortably in your 9-5 job for 40 years. You just need to venture out of your comfort zone (super cliché, but true!).

And this blog is about doing just that.

I’m planning to share my experiences of going solo backpacking for the first time and guide others who are thinking of doing the same. I’d like this blog to be a collection of travel stories and tips, both mine and other travellers’ I meet on the way.

Overall, this blog has several purposes:

  • To share stories of other backpackers and show why it’s important to travel.
  • To inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and live out their dreams.
  • To offer tips and advice to first-time backpackers and solo travellers.
  • To share my travels with friends, family and anyone who’s interested.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey!

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